Our Products

As India's leading folding cartonboard specialist, Akrivis Packaging supplies everything that makes cartonboard packaging efficient in production and successful on the market. We are experts for innovative solutions, seamless production lines and outstanding supply chain management.

  • Folding Boxes

    We realise optimum packaging solutions for all kinds of products, from food and cigarettes to household articles, pharmaceuticals ( Braille Cartons) and personal care products, observing the strictest quality standards regarding migration and at extreme operating speeds during the packing process. In close alignment with the requirements of subsequent processing, we supply packages as flat, pre-glued folding boxes or as unglued flats. We optimize high-value products with small production runs for a fast, manual packing process. Here, we offer a broad range of shapes that enable differentiation from the competition and highly effective brand communication.

  • Multipacks / Beverage Packaging

    We process a wide range of flats made from various qualities of recycled and virgin cartonboard on state-of-the-art packaging systems. We satisfy the most demanding customer requirements, winning them over with innovation and through cost-efficiency combined with productivity based on automation.

    Our multipack portfolio includes solutions for market segments such as beer, soft drinks, milk products and primary packages for glass bottles and jars, plastic bottles and cups, liquid cartons, pouches and tin cans.

  • Creative Packs

    Our Creative Packs offer an enormous selection of possible contours and a wide range of common standards that can be implemented with no tool costs. Thanks to the almost unlimited choice of shape, this type of packaging is especially popular for seasonal promotions, particularly for high-quality confectionery. The packages are supplied to you ready-assembled and only need to be filled and closed.

  • Gift Sets

    We can develop and produce designs for gift sets that perfectly match your brand, target group or the special occasion. Besides various finishing effects, our services also included customized inlays for the relevant combination of products as well as window patching.

  • Clamshells

    Speed is of the essence when it comes to take-away and quick service. Packages must often be ready to go and have to be closed with a single hand movement. We supply nested clamshells and packages that ensure the space-saving storage and fast handling that is needed in a fast food restaurant.

  • Blister cards

    The blister cards that we supply allow plastic blister covers or cartonboard rear panels to be subsequently applied. This ensures maximum hygiene in the fields of personal care and food while offering excellent product visibility.